What weights?

Today was just one of those (terrific) days. I tried new things with weights, including the dreaded barbell. The thing weighs around 45 pounds itself, which is perfect for me right now. Also, not sore enough after exercising. If it’s not at least a little sore, I’m not pushing myself. Wednesday, there will be upping of the amount of weight that I am doing for all my basic things. Ab twists are at 70 right now, leg presses are at 150, triceps are around 20-30 (biceps vary depending on the exercise), lower back is at 60, and my rowing is at 65. Going to go up one notch on the machines on Wednesday.

Here’s what I did today that was new. I am super proud of myself, because I am really timid around the barbells. I have tendinitis in my left wrist (admittedly, it’s getting better the more I exercise) and I am quite scared that the uncontrolled weight pulling on my wrist will damage it. However, we did this: Standing with the barbell at my waist, I lifted it to my chest, pushed it up over my head, dropped it down behind my head, pushed back up over my head, down to my chest, and dropped to my waist. That was ONE REP. It was hard, I strained a little, but I pushed through. Nothing ever hurt, but it felt like my muscles were giving. I cannot wait to do these again. My trapezius muscles really worked hard on that one exercise, and that is something I need to work on; working the muscles that are weakest to get stronger.

I didn’t mention specifics on Friday, but something really is working. I don’t know if it’s the heavier weights, the different cardio, the lowered number of times I’m working out during the week, the higher calories for my intake, or all of the above that is giving me great results, but it’s definitely working. I thought I saw more change today at the gym in the mirrors. More change from just FRIDAY. The fact that I might be seeing significant change from just 3 days makes me really happy.

I am addicted to the change now. It’s really awesome. It’s not so much what others would think of me if I fail, it’s going back to that lard ass I was 50 pounds ago (and seriously, 45 pound barbell on my back…how the fuck did I go around carrying that WITHOUT the muscle I have now?). I haven’t been happier, more fit (even when I weighed less), more excited about life in general than I have recently, and this all makes me even more excited to lose ALL the weight. I know I shouldn’t have let it get as bad as I did, but I am fixing it, and doing a bang up job at that. I have inspired several people to keep pushing themselves, and that right there fills me with so much warm, fuzzy feelings that I can’t even begin to explain what it means to me to know I changed someone’s life for the better.

My life change isn’t over, I keep learning new things, and I keep inspiring others to work hard towards their goals (whatever those goals may be). Love love love everything I’ve done until now. :)

No excuses.

Fight for every inch.

Make this day your bitch.


Late post on weigh in day!

I actually lost this week! I ended up being laid out because of my ankle for 4 days, and couldn’t find my weights. I did do some light cleaning, though, for 30 minutes at a time for a few times. Helped burn SOME stuff. :) Got back into it yesterday, and …I didn’t do too well. I was tired. Not worn out or in pain, just so tired I couldn’t lift my muscles. It was horrible. I hated it.

I lost 3.2 pounds this week, though! And I measured, which will follow. Even after Nacho-geddon (which is what my husband called it), and not exercising for 2 days that I normally would, I lost a lot. I am hoping that it’s the low-carb that I am on. That would be awesome. Really, it would be. :) My mom pointed out to me that I passed losing 5% of my starting weight! That’s pretty cool! Can’t believe I did that without realizing it.

I am seriously on a down cycle now. It’s weird because I’m only half depressed. My body just does not want to be awake. We had to make some serious decisions today, too, and that isn’t helping my body. There are 3 of us living with 1 income right now, a smallish income. It’s becoming quite stressful, and now we’re making the hard decisions that no one ever wants to make. Oddly enough, even with all this added “stress”, I am very much in the mindset of determination. Determined to not let this drag me down, affect my life or my weight loss. I cried for a bit, but that’s because there was talk of giving up my babies (my three awesome cats). I put my foot down and told my husband that giving them away would be a sign that everything was really fucked, and that all hope would be gone. I can’t lose everything AND be completely alone, too. He agrees, so we’re going to have to make things work out. We’re working things out, and we might be able to make it through. It would really help if DHS called me back so we could get more help with food stamps. :\ $16 just isn’t enough…

Anyway. I only wanted to post that so that it’s out there, and so that I can show that I am not letting it be an excuse. I am using it as fuel. I will not deter from my plan, and I will still be skinny. ONTO MY MEASUREMENTS.

  • Neck – 16.5 (no loss)
  • Bust – 49.0 (-.5)
  • Ribs – 41.25 (-.25)
  • Waist – 49 (no loss)
  • Hips – 50.5 (-.5)

All in all, kind of expected. I didn’t feel like I lost a lot these past couple weeks. I don’t even remember what my body fat percentage was. I try not to look at it anymore because it seems inaccurate. But, I believe it’s gone down… *shrug*

Today was a crappy day. Putting off exercise until later so I can focus on getting things sorted that we can sell and applying to places. It’s been one hell of a day, lemme tell you. Onward, though! We’ll get through it. We always do. :)