Day 4: Totally worth everything.

Yesterday I took a day off. It was good. If I didn’t, I’m sure I would have done terrible damage to the lifting muscles in my thighs (this muscle, specifically – the opposite one was pretty angry, too). Had some menthol on them, heat compress for a bit, let the heat just sit in them, and tried to not do much yesterday. It was a good, relaxing day.

Today, I felt amazing. That one exercise I couldn’t do more than 15 of on Monday, 17 of on Tuesday, I managed to get all 20 reps in today. And it didn’t burn as much. One of the others that I was burning on by the last 5 (the one that REALLY works the vastus medialus and lateralis), I only felt the burn in the last TWO, and wasn’t feeling too shaky after. I feel really good after that, and might be able to do some cardio tomorrow!

I also decreased the amount of time I am spending on the exercises. The good side of this is that it means I am getting stronger. WOO. The bad side of this means that My Fitness Pal thinks I am not burning as much because I am not going as long. I am upset that even though I am doing the same amount of work (right now), I am not getting the calories that reflect that. However, I do understand that the stronger I get, the more likely it is that I will need more weights and stuff to burn as much.

I am seeing a change this week. I see bits of my legs under my belly that I can’t remember the last time I saw. I can see my stomach going in again. I can feel that the fat is thinning out, which is what would happen when I lost a good chunk of weight. So I am confident that this change I did is exactly what I needed. I am still not expecting much loss tomorrow, but I do expect good loss next week. :)


I posted back in February about really, REALLY bad cramping, and a sudden appearance of a period. I was told that my IUD probably fell out. Derpy me thought, “Nah, it just doesn’t do that, and I am not at risk for it!” Well, 3 months later, I finally checked for the string after the third period (NORMAL, MIGHT I ADD) since the pain. The string isn’t there. Or, at least, I can’t find it.

So I start freaking out last night. Not only do I have to figure out how to pay for an ultrasound, but I have to figure out how to pay for a new IUD if it did indeed fall out! Looked up the closest Planned Parenthood to me to get a price for at least the ultrasound. There’s one in Ashland and one in Medford. I know Medford is bigger, so I thought calling them would be best.

I call them and find out they don’t have an ultrasound machine there. “Where do you refer patients to if they need one?” I asked the very sweet woman on the phone. She tells me Ashland’s Planned Parenthood. Well, that works out well. So I call the Ashland PP and explain everything again. “No, I am pretty sure I’m not pregnant. I think I lost it in February. I am not living with my husband but I AM sexually active with him and would like this fixed asap.” The woman on the phone was a fucking pro. Got me an appointment for next Thursday, and even made sure the provider that’s there on Thursdays will be able to give me an ultrasound, just in case I need it.

Price was a major concern for me. I cried about it last night. I was scared. There are a few things that CAN go wrong if the IUD is simply dislodged or even attaching itself to my uterus. I have to make sure that it’s not in there anymore. I found out that in Oregon, if you are a citizen, you are eligible for a state grant that COMPLETELY COVERS birth control and its associated appointments. What a fucking weight off my chest! All I need is my ID and my birth certificate, which I have here, and it should be completely covered. That makes me so happy. I can even get a new IUD if the first one is for sure not in there anymore for free! I am seriously thankful for the state of Oregon and its grant fund for women like me. I really don’t know what I would do if I were in Texas…

I’ll update that next week, too! Hopefully it’s completely out and all I need is a new one. :)


WARNING: Severely TMI post!

Seriously. If you do not want to read about my body and periods and IUDs and cramping, just stop reading. I am mostly writing this because holy hell is it ever hard to find a woman on the internet that has lost weight, has an IUD, and has been diagnosed with PCOS.

Most women, from what I have found, don’t really even try to lose the weight. Everything I found is about weight GAIN, and I do not have that problem.

That’s probably making me feel a little bit better than all those women right now, too.

Yesterday, I started having some period cramping. This is normal. I’ve had my Mirena IUD since September 2009. I freaking love it. I bled for a long time when I first got it, but there was hardly any cramping. After my body got used to it, I would cramp, bleed for half a day to two days, then be done. I thought this would be the same.

Not so much.

I am bleeding heavy enough that I have to wear something (haven’t had to do that since I first got it in), and every last bit of my reproductive organs are screaming at me. Uterus, cervix, ovaries; they all fucking hate me. I have had a hot bath, ibuprofen (1200mg), caffeine, and even a beer to relax me. Nothing has helped. No heat pad, which kind of sucks, but it comes with the fact that I had to leave everything in Portland. I haven’t a period like this in over a year and a half.

There are a couple of possibilities for this. I find the second one more likely.


I’m finally rejecting the IUD and my body is trying to expel it, or the IUD itself has damaged my insides and that’s why I’m bleeding and in so much pain.


My hormones are finally balancing because of weight loss. This makes sense. I’m now 10% lighter than when I was last seen by my OB in Colorado, and she kept telling me that 10% loss will definitely help my hormones balance out a bit. Now, there’s a chance that because of this hormone shift, my body is having to readjust to the hormones from the IUD.

I would be able to verify it if I could find any woman that has lost weight, has PCOS, and has a Mirena in. But I can’t… I very much pride myself in knowing how to do a Google search pretty damn well. I did four or five different searches and all I could find was information on the Mirena (thanks, I have that), weight gain with the Mirena (that’s one thing I can happily say I do not have a problem with), and that women love the Mirena when they’ve got PCOS.

Not once did I find someone that was trying to lose weight because of their PCOS and had some hormonal shifts because of it.

Normally, I wouldn’t be so irritated by this. I’d go ask my OB what the fuck was wrong with me and be done with it. Since I don’t have insurance, I get to keep an eye on what’s wrong with me and just log what I am going through.

Hopefully this eases over the next few days and I have nothing to worry about.

Unfortunately, for you guys, it means you get to read what’s going on because I do not want other women out there thinking that they are alone.

I apologize to you all for putting you through this, but I find it necessary.