Day 23: Another injury and finally back home.

So, I injured my hamstring again. I think it’s just a strain this time, but it’s really annoying.

I am back home! I realize I haven’t posted since …last Thursday now. I weighed myself and it wasn’t much of a loss. Then I weighed myself on Monday morning and apparently have gained 6 lbs back. I know that isn’t right, but it does make me seriously question the accuracy of our scale’s calibration. My mom and I have the same brand and model of scale, and the discrepancy is huge. Elevation does adjust weight, but I didn’t change enough in elevation to justify that much of a change. Anyway, now I’m “officially” 233 lbs, and will continue to go by this scale here.

Even with my injury, we don’t have the materials I need to exercise properly. Will probably be getting them with next week’s check. I do have stuff I can replace it with, which is awesome. I just wish I were able to finish out this whole “boot camp” thing as it’s supposed to be.

If there is no loss this week, I am upping my calories again. Actually, I should scratch that until next week, honestly. It’s my birthday on Thursday, and I will be having one slice of cake. I will be walking around a lot, too, ¬†but I am really not sure how well all of that is going to go. I guess we will see then!

Damn, we were going to go to the Japanese Gardens this weekend for my 15% loss, but I’m not there anymore. Guess it’s only the zoo for my birthday!

I am not feeling so well today, mentally, for some reason. And that’s really odd because today is the sunniest day since I’ve been back. :\ Bleh. Maybe I will nap and see if I feel better after that? *sigh*


Day 18: My last exercise day in Klamath Falls

Today seems super surreal. I am leaving Klamath Falls Saturday morning (at an UNGODLY hour, fuck).

I exercised. I forced myself to. It is super hot, and all I wanted to do was start packing. But I had to exercise. It wasn’t going to take all day to exercise, but it will take most of the day to get off my ass and pack my stuff up. Exercised, showered, and already have one bag packed completely.

I am impressed with how much I shoved into the first suitcase. I have two duffle bags that need to be filled, too, and I will easily do that. Going to pack up everything I can tonight after my laundry is done so I really don’t have much I need to do tomorrow!

I am going to miss my mom and Ian. I love having a good relationship with them. I miss my husband more, though, and I miss Portland more.

I will be doing one more post before I leave for my weigh in tomorrow. I feel skinnier today. Hopefully alcohol consumption tonight doesn’t throw that off tomorrow morning, lol!

Day 12: I remembered the day and weigh in!

For just waking up, the fact that I remembered the day is hilarious. To be fair, all I remembered was how bad I forgot yesterday’s day.

I DID LOSE WEIGHT THIS WEEK. Broke through my plateau (I hope) and through 15% and UNDER 230!!! That makes me so happy. My measurements even surprised me. :) I weigh 227.8 lbs today, and am so happy. Here’s my measurements!

  • Neck: 15.5 (0)
  • Bust: 47.5 (-0.5)
  • Ribs: 38.25 (-0.75)
  • Waist: 47.0 (-2)
  • Hips: 50.5 (-0.5)

Other than my neck, that is a loss everywhere. LOOK AT THAT LOSS ON MY WAIST. Two inches? Holy fuck. That there makes my total inches loss 29.25 inches. Almost 30 inches total! :D

I forgot to mention on here yesterday that I tried on my mom’s size 9 wedding BAND (which generally require to be slightly larger than your finger as opposed to the really thin engagement style rings, like mine). It slips on almost just fine. The wedding ring that I have on right now is a 12. It’s constantly slipping or twisting, but hasn’t completely fallen off yet. That really makes me happy.

I plan on keeping the ballet routine when I go back to Portland. Every month I’ll increase the reps or weight that I hold to adjust to the muscle I’m building. And will do good cardio on the days I don’t do these body weight/ball exercises. Seems like that will keep me on my toes enough. Will probably alternate between tae bo and actual kick boxing with the husband weekly, too. Along with running. Need to start doing that more. Will be easier at the lower elevation!

I am slightly worried about going back to Portland and how my diet will be shifted again. I don’t think it will be bad, but I had a shift when I moved here. I will be getting a lot of recipes that my mom does for me here, which are mostly Weight Watchers stuffs. That will help with a lot of dinners. Plus, I get to cook a lot of what I was cooking with Chris before, too, which makes me happy.

Today is supposed to be cardio, I might go walking around. I do feel good enough and really have no excuse not to, so I probably will later. :3

The day that I nearly died…


As most of you know, I am not living with my husband. We aren’t separated by much of a choice, and you can read a lot about what happened here. It’s been really hard on us, and we didn’t realize how much we depended on each other.

The beginning of last month, Chris came out and visited me. It was fun, happy, and such a recharge to us that we haven’t been as depressed since. The week after Chris came out, his current roommate went up to Seattle for a job interview. We had no idea what this would entail with living situation, so we waited it out. Dan ended up getting the job up in Seattle and talked with Chris. He decided he wanted to rent the entire house out, and it was too much for Chris to afford; Chris would need to find a different place to live. He had a month (by June 1st) to figure this out.

We jumped on it immediately. Him having to move out must be word from the gods saying I can go back home. We spent weeks trying to find a place that would take us and our minimal amount of money. It got to the point that we were clicking on everything and weeding out the ones that said “no pets” or “no couples”, and just emailed everyone that didn’t have those listed. Lots of no replies, a lot of other refusals for couples. We decided to make a pleading Craigslist post listing what the situation was, that we had a cat, and the time frame we would need it by.

I got back several hits.

One was from a guy named Dave who owned a house on the bus line (and near a high school, a Shari’s, and the farmers market up north Beaverton/Portland). Cool, we set up a meeting time with him. Another was from a girl named Iliana (Illi, as she liked to be called) who had an apartment on the bus line (very close to my cousin in Beaverton, the farmers market in Beaverton, and right next to a park). Chris went to both places this past Saturday to see which one we could choose from.

Both people seemed to genuinely want us, he said. They were both nice, the proximity to things we would need were very similar, and he liked the buildings in general. It came down to the bedrooms. The apartment with Illi had a huge master bedroom with bath that we would be renting. The house with Dave had a small bedroom (smaller than the ones we’re currently in), no attached bathroom, and the bath in the bathroom had no shower (which was a huge minus to Chris). We decided we wanted the apartment, but will keep the house in mind in case we would need a back up; we had to fill out the application for the apartment.

Well, we talked with Illi today, and her manager said that as long as no one “tells” her, we would be able to move in without having to sign the lease. Let me just bold what this means.

I get to go back to my husband NEXT WEEK instead of in August.

I have never been so happy and simultaneously ill at the same time. I don’t want to leave my parents, but I miss my life in Portland, and cannot wait to get back right now. We get an apartment that will let us keep Frankie and with a girl who is so adorable and nerdy and OMG I GET MY HUSBAND BACK.

I haven’t been able to contain myself much with this. I wanted to tell everyone the second I found out I had a chance to go back. But I couldn’t give everyone (and myself) that kind of hope and then it end up not working out. Now I can officially say that I am going back to my husband just before my birthday, and I am so excited I might just fly into space.