Adventures with running!

I do not like running.

I have told many people that I don’t run because I don’t want to knock myself out (gigantic tits).

I ran today.

It was mostly downhill, see. Downhill is easy. Gravity does most of the work for you! We have a hill road that leads up to the street we’re on that I am sure I’ve talked about before. It’s half a mile down and half a mile back. I ran halfway down the hill, which means roughly a quarter of a mile. I was fine. I felt good! My calves wanted to cramp at one point when I was walking, but they never did and the worry went away. I was proud of myself. Nothing hurt (the last time I attempted running, my shins REALLY hurt). Got to the bottom of the hill/end of the street and paused. I was going to run up the hill.

And I did.

For about 1/8th of a mile. The way the hill goes is 2% incline to OMFG 8% INCLINE. I told myself, “Make it to the top of this incline, you can walk the rest of the way up.” And I tried. So hard. Halfway up the 8% incline and my body gave out. If I didn’t stop, I was going to collapse.

And then I had to walk up the rest of the hill (which becomes a 9% incline and then a steady 7% incline) to get home. Fuck. I didn’t think this through.

I got home. I almost passed out going up the stairs. I made it up the hill that my body didn’t want to go up. And then spent the next 10 minutes trying to calm my heart rate, breathe, and not pass out, all at once. It’s 50 degrees out with a really nice breeze. Cloudy, not too hot, it’s been raining most of the morning. I get in the house that is 70 degrees and has no breeze. I almost immediately passed out, so I had to rush back outside to the chair on the patio.

I don’t regret this. I did my stretches, logged my work, and felt great once I finally ate something! I didn’t hurt anything, which is the good sign, my body just gave out on me. I am still not used to the elevation and lack of oxygen. I am sure when I get back to Portland that I will be able to run better (thinking of running in Washington Park…so exciting!). My lungs still kind of burn, and it’s been over an hour since I finished.

Did my stretches, and collapsed in front of the computer. This was a major break for me seeing as I was in a boot for the majority of the past 5 weeks. My toe felt slightly uncomfortable, but didn’t hurt to the point where I had to limp or couldn’t put all my weight on it. This makes me happy, and makes me want to do some more tae bo. I might end up doing that tomorrow depending on how I feel. :)

Oh, and I was able to do NINE real push ups today, a jump from 6 for several days in a row. Fucking WOOT. :D


Huwhuuuuuuu? Another post?

Yes, people, it’s true. I am doing another post. “Why?” you may ask?

Uh, well, it’s weigh in day, derp. Jeez. You’ve been reading this long and you really have to ask?

I totally lost 6 pounds this week, landing me at 232.2 lbs. Holy fuckballs. I’m almost out of the 230’s, yo! That’s…well…pretty fucking great. Also, it’s measurement day, and I lost some!

  • Neck: 15.5 (-0.5)
  • Bust: 48.5 (no difference)
  • Ribs: 39.5 (-0.5)
  • Waist: 50 (-0.5)
  • Hips: 51 (-0.5)

Even though it’s not much, my ribs are under 40 inches! That’s a bit of a shock. And exciting! I was CONVINCED all week that I had gained a horrendous amount; that I was getting fatter. Which, I guess I can see why I thought my face was getting fatter since I lost weight on my neck (also, when I flex my neck now, I can see VEINS AND TENDONS). So, now that I saw the measurement loss, that makes sense.

Today I started some calisthenics to keep up on myself. I did 10 push ups! Since I can’t use my foot because of the boot, they were only knee push ups, but I DID TEN OF THEM. And then I did the floor ab workouts from my belly dancing videos. It was only 15 minutes of work with stretching, but I felt it. It was bad. I plan on increasing my push ups, which will be done every day, by 5 on Mondays. Not starting this Monday, as I only just started today, but next Monday. I need to keep up on this while I am STILL wearing the boot so that I don’t lose any muscle.

I went over my calories a few times, ate a dozen peanut butter cookies (okay, 11 cookies, over the course of 3 days), did shit for exercising… Guess I just shocked my body or something. Whatever. I ain’t complainin’! Plan on doing my little workouts here and there to keep up on my muscles, but nothing too extravagant while this stupid boot is on.

OH. I totally drank way more water and way less soda/coffee this week, too. So that probably helped. And when I say soda, I mean Coke Zero, because screw those calories. :D

Off to make some more peanut butter cookies (under 100 calories per cookie? fuck. yes). And probably going to make some more tea because holy shit is my husband awesome. He brought some down here for me, and I am IN LOVE with the stuff he brought. :3


….this all seemed quite random. Well, I think I’m hitting an up cycle (finally), so my mind won’t shut up. Sorry if nothing is quite clear in this post….