Running and tae bo – Back into the grind!

Yesterday, I did running again. I ran almost an entire mile in one go.

…well, it was three goes. But still! Pretty sure if I could run continuously that I would have ran the mile in less than 15 minutes. I am super proud of myself. Cannot wait until I can run the full mile!

Walking back home was pretty annoying, lol. That’s the hardest part of this entire thing. Run downhill, walk back up the hill. But I get a good workout with it.

Did tae bo today! I was only able to pull off 20 minutes of it, plus 15 minutes of before and after stretches and 5 minutes of push ups (which, in retrospect, was not a good idea AFTER I did tae bo). I am super proud of myself with that.

I have to say, I’m really proud of myself all around right now. I don’t feel nearly as bad as I did when I wasn’t able to do shit with the boot on. I feel so much better, free, able to do anything! And I AM doing everything I can. I want to go hiking. This weekend might be perfect for it, but it’s supposed to rain tomorrow some more, and it’s been raining all day today. Don’t like mud hiking.

Even though I said last week that I will be going to weighing myself every two weeks, I’m not. I had severe anxiety today due to not weighing myself tomorrow. So I will continue weighing myself weekly. I have been weighing myself every week for six months, and I really, really dislike change to the point that I start panicking. I didn’t realize that something so small as not weighing myself would have such a large impact on me.

So, weigh post tomorrow! Hopefully me being active again will be a terrific weigh in tomorrow! :D


And the belly fat begins its fading…

I started tae bo some time last week. It kicked my ass. Then it stopped kicking my ass.

Friday, I drank so much that I decided to do 2 hours of tae bo. A feat of will power when I only had 5 hours of sleep and still woke up drunk, lol. Honestly, I did an hour and 45 minutes of work and managed to not die. In fact, I was hardly sore yesterday!

And yesterday was when I noticed the big change in my belly. I’ve noticed recently that there’s a bit on the sides of my abs, but before my obliques, that have been thinning out. The big blog over my pelvis, though? Not shrinking. So it’s doing this weird dip on my stomach. However, it’s also all starting to do that uber flabby fat thing that I’ve noticed happening in other places before. This makes me excited. It means I will be losing more weight in my stomach shortly.

Tae bo works me out hard, and I love it. I was able to get through 40 minutes today before having to stop, but only because my muscles didn’t want to lift up anymore! Stupid muscles fighting me. So I did my stretches (and counted my warm up) and still managed to get 55 minutes of exercise today. Not bad…

I am excited about my belly going in. It’s gone in a bit, but not noticeably so for me. I have pants that are size 18/20 now that I fit and that makes me really excited. They are stretching, though. More loss will be very good for me.

I can see my collar bones! Holy crap, I didn’t realize how much you couldn’t see them. And I’m able to see more parts of my body that I couldn’t before (“I don’t remember that mole being there…huh…”). All this progress just makes me excited to do more. :D


I have spent the past month trying to figure out exactly what I can do to replace kick boxing with my husband. Nothing seemed to work or even come to mind.


I don’t know if I dreamed about it or the thought just slammed me in the face when I woke up. I thought of Billy Blanks’ Tae Bo videos, and that I had tried to do them when I started this blog and failed miserably. Like, got 9 minutes in and already took 2 breaks.

So, with my epiphany, I went and got a few videos, including basics for stances and then the classic video. It’s really a great workout. I got through the basic which was just about 15 minutes, and then 20 minutes of the fast-pace video. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. I got through 35 minutes of straight tae bo before I was having horrible breathing problems, felt overheated, and needed to rest.

I am actually quite proud of this! It burns a lot, too, since it’s mostly only cardio. Helps tone as well. And I felt amazing during it.

Not going to try it every day since it is so intense, but I will try again in 2 days.

I really am proud of myself.