Weigh Day!

Weigh in today! I was dreading it. Yesterday was the worst holiday for people losing weight (Valentine’s and Halloween close to that) and I was worried. My hard work all week paid off, though. Yesterday I only had one plate of food, one piece of pie, one glass of egg ┬ánog. I did not go overboard, and I am super proud of myself.

Weigh in today, I lost 5 lbs since last week, and 2% body fat. Almost exactly. It seriously made my day. My measurements are:

  • Neck – 16.5
  • Bust – 54.0
  • Ribs – 44.5
  • Waist – 53.0
  • Hips – 53.5

I lost 1.5″ off of my neck, gained 2″ on my bust (pretty sure this is mostly muscle under the fat), lost an inch off my ribs, 1.5″ off my waist, and 4.5″ off my hips. Chris did say my ass is getting smaller…I didn’t believe him…

Time to go eat breakfast, and then exercise. We have the tree lighting ceremony to go to today. I am super excited. Today makes me happy. :D


A Day Early!

The cats are seriously freaking out about the playpen I just acquired…

I am posting today, mostly because I do not think I will have the time with my family here to post tomorrow. That, or I will be drunk. Haven’t decided which one is a better excuse yet. I will still post on Friday, but only because it’s weigh in day, and I will forget if I don’t post then!

Will be increasing times again for my exercises with Chris on Friday. Some of the things I am doing are getting too easy. So, we’re going to work harder. I am excited and a little scared of this.

Nothing much to be said. I am super sore today and cannot wait for my day off. I plan on baking/cooking ALL THE THINGS, which actually started today with the pecan pie. It didn’t sink, and it isn’t burnt, so I believe this might be a win. Just hoping it tastes okay. Once it’s cool, I’ll be covering it and showing it off. :D

I hope the pain I am feeling today is worth it on the weigh in on Friday. My muscles fought me today, and that wasn’t fun!

A Day Late…

Oops. I totally meant to post yesterday.

Yesterday was my day off. Saturday’s workout was super hard. I couldn’t even finish belly dancing because my husband worked my legs incredibly hard. :) It felt super good, and then I spent yesterday being a complete lazy ass. Didn’t clean, though we did go shopping for Thanksgiving, and we, uh, did our marital … stuff (SORRY MOM). I am still fighting this fucking ear infection, so I spent the day trying to not be in pain. I also crocheted my husband a hat, and started working on one for me!

I am not feeling as bad about last week as I was when I did see how much I lost. Chris mentioned that he remembered reading somewhere that women on their periods tend to not lose weight, but he couldn’t remember if that was for sure or not. The woman body still eludes my husband sometimes. So I checked out the forums on My Fitness Pal. Sure enough, most women actually GAIN during their periods despite working out as hard and watching their calories. This really made me feel better that I actually lost a pound. :) It also makes me look forward to this week’s weigh in. Not only am I doing the scale this week, but I am measuring, too. My face is really, REALLY thinning out. Cannot wait for my parents and Lorien to see me and TELL ME THIS. :D

My mom is driving up to our place on Wednesday. This excites me. It’s the first time I’ve had a real Thanksgiving hosted by me, and I will be making the majority of the food. We have lactose free milk, vegan butter, and will be replacing everything in our recipes with those that we need to! It is going to be way easier than we thought (though, trying to find a gravy without milk/whey in it was like pulling teeth…). Since we’re going to be having guests and I don’t want to waste a lot of time on Thursday, we’ve decided to do another 3 days in a row for me for exercise. I think it will end up being okay. I will still be exercising on Friday, but we’re going to switch the days to where we are going Friday and Saturday, so I don’t have it like I did this last time where I had one off, one on, one off, three on. It was weird.

Also, while guests are here, I will only be doing kick boxing stuff. As much as I like belly dancing, it doesn’t burn nearly as much as the workout with Chris, and I really can’t do it in front of anyone right now. It’s okay, though. As long as I continue working out even while people are here, I should be fine.

Definitely going to be watching my portions on Thursday, but I’m also probably going to go over my calories. Still cannot wait for it and watch myself progress. :D

Active Day Off

We started to go for a bit longer on Saturday. Only adding 10 minutes. We’re also going to increase the length of time I do my warm up and cool down, just to get more time in there. Also added a sort of strength training to our routine. It’s really helping.

We’re at a point now where I am ┬ájust dripping with sweat after I workout out, both times. This means that I am getting the best workout I can right now. And this makes me super happy. :D Chris’ goal for me this week is to lose 5 lbs and 3% body fat. I doubt I will do that. My personal goal is 2 lbs and .5% body fat. :) Anything over that, though, will be amazing.

We bought a blender, frozen fruit, and frozen yogurt to make some smoothies. Super delicious, very little calories, and helps with the sweet tooth thing. We’re doing super good!

Tomorrow is our anniversary (4 years!) and we plan on having spareribs made in the Crock Pot in apple cider. Yum. One of my favorite recipes my husband does. I looked up the calories for them, and it’s really not as bad as other things are! So, we’re splurging a bit on our calorie intake. Good thing is that tomorrow I do work out, so it will all balance out.

I am excited for Thanksgiving and doing everything I can to eat healthily. Will be eating slower, watching the amount of food I eat, and will be cooking things a bit healthier than normal. My step dad is lactose intolerant, so we have to use dairy free everything. It’s going to be interesting, but I am really excited to do it. Not fearing it at all. I guess it helps that I will be doing most of the cooking and will be able to control what goes in.

Nothing large to update on. Cleaning a bit today and working on my jewelry. Hoping to have 3 pairs done tonight. Will be super excited if I get 6 pairs done. Being in a terrific mood really does help with wanting to actually do stuff. :D