Full gym day, what?

Holy crap, today’s gym day was awesome. I learned that if there’s one thing I’m good at, it’s cardio! Weights are fun, and I am doing them to build up and tone out my muscles, but I am sure glad I have done a lot of cardio work.

I did 22 minutes today on the elliptical (Chris could only do 15 minutes on the bike – CATCH UP, OLD MAN), and a full body work out on the weights. Did the elliptical last, followed by stretches. It was seriously one of the best sweats I have ever had. I didn’t do as well calorie burning wise as if I were doing some tae bo or kickboxing, but I did some really good stuff. My heart never once felt like it was going to punch out of my chest, and I didn’t run out of breath at all. We’ll see how I feel tomorrow.

I really like the gym now. I’m not self conscious anymore, even though I was one of the larger girls there. I worked hard, kept my form up, and no one stared at me at all. It was quite liberating. I don’t feel like the fat girl there just trying another diet. I feel like someone who has worked her ass off, quite literally, for the past 7 months and is ready to step it up. I love it.

This post is short. There will be another post on Friday with weigh in and my workout then. For now, READING. ….and YDKJ on FB. >.>


New videos!

I totally lied on Twitter. The internet wins for now. I’ll shower after this. :D

I started 2 new belly dancing videos today to focus on actually toning. (…and split open my knuckle again…)

Holy shit, they about killed me. I have to say that I am VERY thankful for the Belly Dance 101 video that I have been doing for the past month. I would have been so lost if I didn’t follow that and learn how to do everything properly, first. My arms were so dead, and my abs and obliques feel like they actually did work. The legs video wasn’t so bad, I have to thank kick boxing stuff for that. :D I am super glad I started it, though. I needed the challenge.

Changing up your routine is good. It keeps your muscles in tip top shape and gets them to do other things they aren’t used to.

Now, for the hottest shower on the planet to make sure my arms relax. I have a feeling I am going to be in so much pain tomorrow. ;)