Actually, not really beer. The right beer is great. No, I’m having cocktails tonight. Fuck yeah.

ANYWAY. I said in my post at god awful early this morning that I lost around a pound-ish. I fucking lied. that I am down to 227.2 lbs. (Apparently I don’t remember what I posted 12 hours ago, hur.) I lost 2.2 pounds. What? How did that happen? Seriously. I have no idea.

And now I have my measurements on hand! Weeee! I really didn’t think I did my waist right, but looking at myself in the gym (yeah, I check myself out), I can REALLY see that I have lost that since I started going. Virtually no more BACK BOOB. FUCK YEAH.

Right. Measurements.

  • Neck: 15.5 (I am certain this isn’t going to change ever again…)
  • Bust: 46.5 (-0.5)
  • Ribs: 38.0 (0)
  • Waist: 42.0 (-2.25)

So, yeah. Super happy with this. Eventually, I will lose all the fat everywhere else on my body and I will start losing my hips finally (most of my fat right now is around my lower abdomen region, right where my hips are measured). I hate that I’m “pearing” out like this, but fat loses wherever fat loses.

I love seeing myself in the mirror now. I can stand seeing myself naked now (though that lower abdomen really is annoying me), and I can seriously see the change in my chest, arms, and waist really well. And my shoulders. Yeah, I am firming up quite nicely, actually. Super in love with it.


With that, I wanted to make a random side note: I will rock at this job. The guy I sidejacked with today wasn’t the best example at all, but I learned a lot of…uh, how to not be a condescending cocksucker on the phone! HAHA.

I’m serious, though. This guy got frustrated super easy. To be fair, this woman couldn’t distinguish the words “computer” and “console”…so, yeah.

I was going to blog about phrases being said on Twitter, but fuck you. Go read Twitter. From this person, this chick, and this random guy that totally isn’t my husband. We’re pretty awesome.


What this is all about!

Hey, everyone!

Now, I’m not a new blogger. I’ve been doing it since 2003, but I’ve never done something like this before. This is my promise blog for some of my geek girls on Twitter (@CelticMartiGirl, @teacher_geek, @ruthbeingruth). Talking about exercising and how our SO tend to not push us. Whether it’s out of love, they care too much, or they are just comfortable with the way we are, they will not push us. Making this promise to these girls (and, I’m sure, most of my other friends on my Twitter account), I decided, will help me because I know I will feel guilty if I don’t exercise when I tell them I will. Also, I know they will seriously berate me for not actually doing what I promise, which makes me feel more guilt than I originally felt!

So, the next post I make will be my schedule for now. I need to plan it out and talk with my parents (they have a Kinect I might be able to hijack). I say for now because my husband and I will be buying exercise stuff in a few months. And then I will change it up! So excited about that right now, too.

So, if you want, join up to yell at me when I get lazy. I need the support, and I know the internet is good for that!