What do you mean this was a bad idea?

Chris and I went in today for our third day of exercising in a row. This was the first time we had done it.

Oh, it wasn’t a good idea.

Yesterday, we worked out just fine. And it felt great. Today, while we weren’t super sore, our muscles were super weak, and we just couldn’t get through anything. We lowered the weight on most things (minus leg presses for me, I upped those to 210 today). We did HALF of the exercises we normally do. And then my hamstring decided 8.5 minutes into cardio on the elliptical that it wasn’t having any of it. We took that as a sign (though Chris went to 10 full minutes) and stopped exercising for the day. We ended up being fully done an entire hour before we normally are. So we went to the store and bought some foods to eat.

It wasn’t a great workout. I’m not sad that we tried at all, but am very happy that we had the foresight to stop instead of push through and injure ourselves. We were supposed to be going to the gym tomorrow, too, but I don’t think we will be after what happened today. Instead, we’ll have 3 days off (with some walking at the park this weekend in the 90 degree weather), and then we will be back to the Monday-Wednesday-Friday workouts we were doing.

I convinced Chris to let me take his measurements! He’s been pretty much…head in the ground about the whole thing. He doesn’t want to see how bad he is. I finally told him that it will only get better, and that he likes numbers and should be tracking them for when the scale lies. He’s finally agreed to it, and we’ll be doing them on the same day, so there is no worry about it not getting done! :) He really is thinning out. He can almost fit shirts he was fitting into when we first started dating. :) For those not in the know, that was almost 9 years ago. I am super proud of him right now.

I seem to be getting good muscle built up. I am eating more which means I am burning more at rest. It’s really jarring to have that happen when you’re trying to lose weight, but you really do have to listen to your body when it needs the fuel. I have a few signs I look out for and some tricks to make sure those signs aren’t from boredom.

In just over a week, I start my new job with Chris. There are huge downsides to it all. My class starts at 6 am, and the buses here don’t start running until 5:42 am. :( Because of that, I have to actually walk to the mall about a mile away every morning to catch a bus that goes right by the building. I have to be up at 3:30 am to eat breakfast, get ready, and have enough time to walk over there and catch the right bus. Chris works swing shift. This means that we won’t see each other during the weeks I am in training. It is going to suck giant balls, but we’ll get through it. He’s going to try to be at work around the time I go to lunch, so we’ll get to see each other then, and on weekends, since we’ll both have them off. I am worried about him eating breakfast, since that’s one of his biggest downfalls. :\ Blah, I have faith we’ll get through it all. :3

Update tomorrow with weigh in and measurements! Actually kind of excited for this week. :3


Eating healthy and exercise complement each other.

It’s really odd how you don’t realize this until you are square in it.

Over the past 3 months, I have been eating healthy and exercising hardcore. Since having to move and then ultimately leave my life in Portland, exercise has been nil. I want to continue exercising. I actually feel that I need to exercise. I feel like a lump.

Thanks to Summer Tomato‘s February newsletter, I realized that a lot of me eating healthy was dependent on me exercising. Right now, that’s not the case. My mom is doing Weight Watchers, so everything in the house is mostly healthy (with a few bad snacks here and there). It’s pretty much like how I was eating at home with Chris. Eating healthy alone isn’t enough for me anymore, though.

The day I posted about walking down to the stop sign that’s a half a mile away (I think I posted about that, I’m too lazy to check), my mom, step-dad, and I walked down and back up. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be for me. The stairs are still worse, but I think it’s because I lift my legs higher doing that. And I would totally be doing stairs right now if I, you know, trusted these ones. Seriously. Two of them shake when you step on them. I do not trust these guys to hold me up so I can run up and down them for a while.

What I really want to do is find a kick boxing gym here (so I can die from embarrassment when they laugh me out of there because har har I’m a girl and what the hell do fat chicks know about kick boxing… and even then, YOU’RE FAT). I need SOMETHING high energy to do out here because I don’t have my husband to punch (DOMESTIC VIOLENCE JOKE). My muscles feel like they’re dying. A slow, painless, withering death. “You want weight loss? How about we lose muscle instead?” I am convinced this is what my body is doing to me. I do want to go climbing that mountain that I mentioned that’s right next to us, but it ACTUALLY SNOWS HERE (wtf? what place does that…), so it makes it hard to go outside and exercise when you have HOLES IN YOUR SHOES (I really need new shoes).

SO, if anyone in Klamath Falls (yeah right) knows of a kick boxing place here (again, fat chance), let me know. I have a couple friends on FB out here, so maybe they know? LOL. Maybe not. I’ll figure something out, I promise.